Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Campers'Halloween Celebration 2014

Every year I make it a point of visiting Wisconsin's Kohler-Andrae State Park during campers' Halloween weekend. The same people camp every year and decorate their campsites with a mixture of creepy and cute themes.  I've found the campers to be creative in their approaches and friendly/proud to have their displays noticed and photographed. Truly a good time is had by all.  The photos in this post are a sampling of the sites.

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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

SW Florida Revisited/Thank You, Julian Dimrock

Marco Island Pier Sentinel

Marco Island Hibiscus

Marco Island Foggy Canal

Marco Island Canal on a Clear day

Marco River Dolphin

Gloodland Island Touristy Shop

Stan's Idle Hour Restaurant, Goodland Island

1,500 Year Old Calusa Conch Shell Wall , Marco island

Seafood Chowder, Gooldand Island

Ibis on a Fence, Marco Island

Looking through the Canopy, Florida Everglades

I recently spent a month in SW Florida on Marco Island. When I first got there, I started shooting picture in color because of the regions vibrant colorbursts. Then I went to the Marco Island Historical Society Museum ( and spent time the collection of Julian Dimrock's b&w photos that document Marco Island in the early 1900's. From then on out, many of my photo settings were in b&w. The shots in this blog post are a mixed bag of places and subjects.  As I better organize my Florida shots (I took a number daily), I'll make more thematic postings with the focus of different aspects of life in SW Florida.

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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Wisconsin: The Woods Are Alive With the Sound Of...

Where do deer go when hunting season begins? The smart ones relocate to their local State Park.  These photos were taken yesterday afternoon as I wandered through the woods of Kohler-Andrae StatePark, located just south of Sheboygan, Wisconsin where I live. Once they realized I was armed with a camera rather than a rifle, the deer just ignored me and went about their grazing.

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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Lake Michigan November-Let the Wild Rumpus Begin!

Walking along the western shore of Lake Michigan yesterday, I truly experienced the place where the wild rumpus began. There were brisk winds from the south and the waves were crashing so high at times that I had to move from the beach flats to the grassy dune ridges to keep from getting soaked. The day was overcast and the setting was perfect for b & w.  It was a good wind-blown photowalk. On the drive home , I stopped at an overlooking bluff and caught some wind surfers in action-a perfect end to the morning.

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Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Fog Rolls in....Sheboygan, Wisconsin

Autumn isn't usually the season that I'd choose to experiment with b&w photography. Wisconsin Fall colors are awesome in the original sense of the word. Today was a gray day with potential thunder storms.  I decided to head towards the lakefront before they hit, perhaps to wander out the marina walkway to the lighthouse and check out the views.  As I started out towards the lighthouse, the fog horn began to blow and a dense fog rolled in.  As I cautiously walked out, taking a few photos along the way, I turned around to discover fog creeping up behind me. The last thing I wanted was for a wave to wash me into Lake Michigan, my problem unnoticed in a dense fog.  As I turned around to head back, I noticed another photowalker headed coming my way.  We greeted each other in passing, then I took a couple of shots in his direction. The photowalker unsuspectingly became the photo subject.   I

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